FAQ (for Students)

Q: Why did you ignore my email?

A: Because a cursory scan of the material on this site would yield the answer.

Q: How much time outside of class should I be devoting to this course?

A: Well, assuming your university “work week” is 40 hours split up over 5 courses with 4 hours of class time each, you’re left with 4 hours of independent study time per course.  So you should be spending at least as much time studying independently as you do sitting in class.

Q: Is <topic x> on the test?

A: If I covered <topic x> in class, then maybe.  If I didn’t cover <topic x> in class, then it won’t be.

Q: Are there going to be proofs/theory questions on the test?

A: If I devoted class time to a piece of “theory”, then you’re expected to learn it and be able to discuss it intelligently on a test.

Q: My grade in the course is <grade x>, but for my program I need to get at least <grade y> (y>x).  Can you arbitrarily raise my grade?

A: No. (Grades are not up for negotiation. You should worry about your grade during the course, not after the final.)

Q: My grade in the course is <grade x>, but for my program I need to get at least <grade y> (y>x).  Can you assign me extra credit work to raise my grade?

A: No. (See above.)

Q: Because of <university sanctioned extra-curricular activity x>, I won’t be able to make the exam. What do I do?

A: If you inform me well in advance, we’ll work something out.

Q: I’m sick and can’t make the midterm.  What do I do?

A: If you email me to let me know, and subsequently bring a doctor’s note, we’ll work something out.

Q: Because of <event x the day before the assignment due date>, I couldn’t finish my assignment. Can I have an extension?

A: No. Don’t leave your work till the last minute.

Q: Why were you unwilling to answer my questions during your office hours?

A: I concluded that you came to me before putting sufficient thought into the issue yourself.
Tip: Inquiries should not start with “I’m lost” or “Can you re-explain <topic x> to me?”  Make your questions specific.  Exactly where did you get lost? What aspect of <topic x> is mysterious?

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