AMAT 415 — Course Information (W2013)

Instructor: Matthew Greenberg, MS 434,, (403) 220-3952

Lectures: MWF 14:00-14:50 in ST 129

Tutorials: T 12:00-12:50 in MS 515 (TUT 1) and MS 521 (TUT 2)

Office hours: TBA

Grading scheme: 20% assignments (4), 40% midterm tests (2), 40% final exam

Midterm tests (2): Tuesdays 2012.02.12 and 2012.03.26 in the tutorials.

Assignments (4): Due Tuesdays 2012.01.22, 2012.02.12, 2012.03.05, 2012.03.26. To be submitted to your TA at the beginning of the tutorial. Late submissions that are not preauthorized will not be accepted.

Course calendar:

Optional text: Transform methods in applied mathematics, by Lancaster and Ketsutis. You are not required to purchase this expensive text! I’ll put a copy on reserve in the library and I’ll post links to corresponding content scattered over the internet.

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